Starting Lineup for the 53rd Snowball Derby & Updated Racecast Info

Kyle Busch is seeking his third Snowball Derby win. (Tyler Sontag/Speedracer Photos)

PENSACOLA, Florida (December 5, 2020) — The field of 36 drivers for the 53rd Annual Snowball Derby is set and all that’s left for the Super Late Models is the 300 lap race, to air live on Speed51.TV.

Derek Thorn will lead the field to green. That field includes three former, multi-time winners Augie Grill, Kyle Busch and Chase Elliott; with both Busch and Elliott being NASCAR Cup Series Champions.

Other NASCAR stars include Grant Enfingner and Chandler Smith.

The usual contingent of Super Late Model competitors are on hand, including Stephen Nasse, Ty Majeski, Matt Craig and Casey Roderick.

Two local Pensacolians, Logan Boyett and Jeremy Pate, are trying to become the first driver from Pensacola to win since Johanna Long in 2010.

There are Derby rookies in the field, including Daniel Dye, Cayden Lapcevich.

And what would a Snowball Derby be without Bubba Pollard, still attempting to capture his first Tom Dawson trophy.

That broadcast is scheduled to begin at 12:00 PM Central on Speed51.TV via PPV. The virtual ticket for this broadcast is $39.99 or included as a part of your previously purchased four-day ticket.

The green flag is set for 1:05 PM Central, moved up one hour from the original schedule in an effort to avoid potential inclement weather predicted for later in the evening.

When the race goes green, a massive crew of camera operators, engineers, journalists, reporters, and photographers from multiple media outlets are on site to provide full bookended coverage of this race.

Here is the Starting Lineup for the 53rd Snowball Derby:

1.43 – Derek Thorn
2.2 – Kaden Honeycutt
3.91 – Ty Majeski
4.53 – Cole Butcher
5.51 – Stephen Nasse
6.43 – Daniel Dye
7.75 – Jeremy Doss
8.54 – Matt Craig
9.51 – Kyle Busch
10.11 – Logan Boyett
11.4 – Kyle Plott
12.54 – Preston Peltier
13.25 – Casey Roderick
14.9 – Derek Kraus
15.18 – Hunter Robbins
16.78 – Corey Heim
17.32 – Grant Enfinger
18.7 – John DeAngelis
19.7 – Paul Shafer Jr.
20.39 – Kyle Sieg
21.14 – Chris Davidson
22.3 – Ross Kenseth
23.53 – Boris Jurkovic
24.16 – Cayden Lapcevich
25.36 – Dan Fredrickson
26.35 – Jake Garcia
27.24 – Mason Diaz
28.51 – Michael Atwell
29.14 – Travis Braden
30.30 – Jesse Dutilly
31.9 – Chase Elliott
32.112 – Augie Grill
33.12 – Derek Griffith
34.26 – Chandler Smith`
35.71 – Bubba Pollard
36.21 – Jeremy Pate

– Daniel Vining, Twitter: @danielvining

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PixelatedSPEED is a motorsports news and views website covering all things racing and has been going "Beyond the Headline" since 2018”.