PixelatedPICK: Pollard Versus Nasse War to Continue in Rattler 250 at South Alabama

Bubba Pollard, seen here zooming around South Alabama Speedway on May 23, 2020, is a favorite to win the 44th Rattler 250, starting from the pole. (Ben Kilcrease?PixelatedSPEED.com)

OPP, Alabama (May 24, 2020) — After a classic battle between Bubba Pollard and Stephen Nasse in last night’s Baby Rattler 125, the pair will both compete in today’s 44th Annual Hardee’s Rattler 250. With a full field of drivers ready to strike, this duel is sure to set itself apart from the rest in what could be yet another classic battle in a raging war between them in the Southern Super Series. Who will come out on top? Here’s our PixelatedPICKS for the Rattler 250.

PixelatedSPEED Editor-in-Chief, Daniel Vining:

“This is going to be a classic duel if the two are competing directly around each other today. While Nasse is more than capable of winning at any racetrack, South Alabama Speedway is one of the places where Bubba Pollard has really shined over the years. It’s been eight years since Pollard last won the Rattler 250, but he’s won five Baby Rattlers, and a ton of Viper Series events in that time span. Today is going to be a Bubba day.”

PixelatedSPEED Correspondent, Ben Kilcrease:

“He’s got a fire under him from last night. He’s so good on a hot, greasy racetrack which is what we’re going to see today. He just doesn’t like losing, plain and simple. Nasse kisses the snake today.”

Last night’s Baby Rattler 125 saw Nasse lead more laps over Pollard during the course of the race, but with under 40 laps to go, Pollard was able to use the high line to work his way around Nasse. Nasse had to overcome a miss shift on a restart, but was only able to get back to third by race’s end.

Who do you think will win this chapter in this epic story?

– Daniel Vining, Twitter: @danielvining

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PixelatedSPEED is a motorsports news and views website covering all things racing and has been going "Beyond the Headline" since 2018”.