What Happens to the Derby Cars During a Rain Postponement?

The 37 car field for the 52nd Snowball Derby sat in impound overnight after rain washed out the race on Sunday. December 8, 2019 (Ben Kilcrease/PixealtedSPEED)

 The answer to the title question: Nothing.

We can’t just stop there or that’d be a short story. But the fact of the matter is that no matter how much it rained, how humid it was, or any other factors, the Snowball Derby cars remained impounded overnight in the infield of 5 Flags Speedway.

“These are $150,000 racecars and you’re just going to let them get destroyed with this rain.”  exclaimed a member of Stephen Nasse’s crew to head tech man Ricky Brooks. “The one year we did this our s*** got all rusted and had to be replaced.”

Teams were allowed to do three things to their vehicles before leaving for the night: Remove the transponder, put on a weather proof cover, and push their car to a higher elevation on the inner quarter mile.

As we all know, technical inspection is no joke when it comes to the Snowball Derby. Once the cars are cleared through tech, that’s it, no more work and basically no more touching the car is allowed.

During the night last night 5 Flags Speedway provided security to protect the cars but also to ensure no one tempered in any way with the impounded cars.

Nasse’s crew, aggravated, offered a proposal to Brooks before walking away: “I think we should take the roof off of your home down here [in the Room of Doom] and see how you like it.”

According to Weather Underground the Pensacola area received over and inch and a half of rain yesterday and last night. The concern for teams now is what kind of condition are the cars going to be in? Most likely all the cars will be okay and ready to race but there’s the chance for a rare electrical problem that could cause some additional work today.

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– Ben Kilcrease, Twitter: @TheBenKilcrease

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PixelatedSPEED is a motorsports news and views website covering all things racing and has been going "Beyond the Headline" since 2018”.