Starting Grid for the 52nd Snowball Derby

The 52nd Snowball Derby Class Photo (Daniel Vining/PixelatedSPEED)

PENSACOLA, Florida (December 9, 2019) — After being washed out on Sunday, the lights will shine on the Super Late Models as the 52nd Snowball Derby moves to Monday, December 9th and will end under the lights.

California’s Derek Thorn will lead the field to the green, with a bevy of competition chasing close behind.

Dan Fredrickson advanced into the big show by winning a drama-filled last chance qualifier on Saturday. Also transfering from that LCQ into the main event are Brad May, Rodrico Rejon, and Borris Jurkivic.

Lucas Jones and Stephen Nasse will race thanks to the provisional they earned from their performances in the Southern Super Series and Five Flags Speedway Blizzard Series.

Finally, David Rogers will be making a record breaking 33rd start in this year’s Derby, taking claim to a feat he has shared with Red Farmer, who has 32 starts.

Here is the starting lineup…

52nd Annual Snowball Derby:

Pos # Driver

1 43 Derek Thorn

2 53B Cole Butcher

3 7 Corey LaJoie

4 4 Kyle Plott

5 26P Bubba Pollard

6 57 Josh Berry

7 54C Matt Craig

8 9C Jeff Choquette

9 22 Casey Roderick

10 51S Chandler Smith

11 30 Jesse Dutilly

12 21P Jeremy Pate

13 48 Preston Peltier

14 81 Giovanni Bromante

15 35 Jake Garcia

16 10 Kaden Honeycutt

17 18 Hunter Robbins

18 7D John DeAngelis Jr

19 75 Jeremy Doss

20 12G Derek Griffith

21 112 Augie Grill

22 54G David Gilliland

23 91 Ty Majeski

24 51A Michael Atwell

25 14C Connor Okrzeisk

26 20M Cole Moore

27 78 Corey Heim

28 2 Derek Kraus

29 119 Dalton Zehr

30 26B Travis Braden

31 36 Dan Fredrickson

32 9M Brad May

33 15 Rodrigo Rejon

34 53J Boris Jurkovic

35 16 Lucas Jones

36 51N Stephen Nasse

37 11 David Rogers

– Daniel Vining, Twitter: @danielvining

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PixelatedSPEED is a motorsports news and views website covering all things racing and has been going "Beyond the Headline" since 2018”.