John Heil Claims ‘Best Win of His Life’ With Derby Outlaw Victory

Eventual race winner John Heil dives under Bubba Winslow.

PENSACOLA, Florida (December 8, 2019) — “This is the best win I’ve ever had in my life for sure.”

That’s what you’d expect a newly crowned Snowball Derby champion to say. John Heil is just that. After a grueling 50 lap race littered with multiple multi-car crashes it was the Texan who muscled his way through the top competitors to taste victory during Derby weekend.

Bubba Winslow may have been a crowd favorite coming into the Outlaw Stocks main event on Saturday night and early on it looked as if he was going to be the one to beat.

Winslow survived restart after restart flawlessly except for one. Heil was able to get the momentum rolling in his #96 GARC momentum to take the lead away.

“[Race control] was threatening to cut the race short.” said Heil when asked about how he made the move to take the lead. “I had to dig deep and make something happen pretty quick.”

Veteran short tracker Joe Bethea Jr was able to manage a second place finish after all the mayhem while Kody Brusso finished off the podium.

Cameron Henderson and George Gorham rounded out the top five.

Only 13 of the 30 cars took the checkered flag in the race of attrition. The race was stopped under the red flag three times.

Once Heil cleared Winslow the closing laps were smooth sailing. Not a challenge from any one or a mistake from himself. The Texas driver crossed the finish line to take the checkered with about 15 car lengths over Beathea.

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RESULTS: Outlaw Stocks Feature:

1 96H John Hall
2 33 Joe Bethea Jr
3 7B Kody Brusso
4 92 Cameron Henderson
5 03 George Gorham
6 1 Donald Crocker
7 9D Brooke Storer
8 93 Paul Jean
9 21H David Hodges
10 16 Bubba Winslow
11 23 Gary Goodwin
12 5C Chase Oliver
13 407 Jason Vail
14 00 Jeff Belt
15 40 Stephen Nasse
16 31 Wayne Niedecken
17 151 Gary Sutton
18 26 Corbitt Moseley
19 3C Casey Caudill
20 32 Stuart Dutton
21 91 Chris Cotto
22 96D Greg Davidson
23 71 Jody Henderson
24 4J Todd Jones
25 21F Jason Furrow
26 6 Nathan Henderson
27 21W Jason Welch
28 84 Doug Thorp Jr
29 8B Justin Beck
30 10 Patrick Thomas
31 51F Jake Finch
32 54 Connor Sutton

– Ben Kilcrease, Twitter: @TheBenKilecrease

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PixelatedSPEED is a motorsports news and views website covering all things racing and has been going "Beyond the Headline" since 2018”.